Follow the Best Online Tennis Betting Tips

by Shreya Mangal
| 24/08/2020

Aside from its widespread coverage and popularity, the nature of tennis betting makes it an exciting option for many punters. There’s the dual nature of tennis where you either bet on a player’s win or loss. 

You’ll also find a variety of playing surfaces that can influence the game’s tempo. Hardcourt and grass make the game faster while clay slows down the rallies. All these create a dynamic betting landscape that you can enjoy. This makes betting on tennis an exciting leisure activity that you can do online.

To make it more lucrative and safe, make sure you pay attention to tennis betting tips and strategies. Learning a few tennis tips will not just boost your chances; it will help you play responsibly as well.

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Bet On A Tennis Match If There’s Value

Betting on tennis is not just about predicting who the winner is. What’s more important is to take advantage of a value bet. The value bet is different from your tennis odds, which are also very important in sports betting for real money. Here, you take a look at the odds and compare it to your assessment of the player’s chances.

Let’s say that Player A is listed at 6.50 odds favourite to win or a 15.4% chance to win. And based on our assessment, he’s better prepared and has a 20% chance of winning according to our research. This puts the value at +0.30, making it a value bet (decimal odds x our assessed chance- 1). As long as the value is positive, it’s worth playing the bet.

Read And Compare The Odds

Online Betting Tennis Tips and StrategiesIn sports betting, we call this line shopping. The tested betting tips and strategies tell us that odds are helpful. Through the use of the tennis odds, you can tell the likelihood of an event (like a player winning), the payout, and profit. To maximize its potential, we highly recommend that you compare the odds of multiple sportsbooks as they vary from one another. Since odds tell you the potential profit, you can easily compare which website offers the most competitive odds.

Learn How To Specialize

Tennis features year-round tournaments and these are categorized in different tiers. As part of our tennis tips and tricks, we recommend that you specialize in a specific betting market or tournament. For example, you can just bet on grand slam matches. Or you can simply bet on the winner of a match.

Sign Up With At Least Two Bookmakers

When you want access to lucrative betting opportunities, we recommend that you sign up for multiple sportsbook accounts. As mentioned, line shopping or the comparison of odds can boost your chances. Now, you can only do it effectively if you have access to at least two websites. Also, maintaining multiple accounts gives you access to a variety of bonuses and campaigns that you can compare at any given time. Don’t know where to sign up? Don’t worry, we offer the best tennis betting tips and Indian top sportsbook reviews.

Keep Track Of Your Bets

As a responsible player, it’s best to always keep track of your bets. By keeping a detailed record of your previous bets, you can easily keep track of your hits and misses. It’s always wise to stay within the limit and not spend beyond your means.

Take Note Of The Playing Surface

Tennis is one sport that heavily depends on the playing surface. The popular surfaces used in tennis matches are the clay, grass court, and hard court. So why is it important that you know the surface? Well, the choice of the surface can affect the play and some players specialize in certain surfaces. All this information can prove critical in making a lucrative bet.

For example, Spain’s Rafael Nadal is the ‘King of Clay’ and has won the French Open a record 12 times. As the best tennis betting tips suggest, it’s hard to bet against Nadal during the French Open. This does not mean that past trends will dictate future results. When relying on tennis tips and tricks, you need to consider the possibility of an upset. No matter how specialized a player is, there is always the possibility of a bad day. And as a wise punter, you should know how to spot trends.

Pay Attention To Statistics

This tip applies to all sports online betting including tennis. Before you place your bets, make sure you research about the player’s form, previous results, and head-to-head matches. Also, pay attention to tennis betting tips and predictions that are shared online. You will find match predictions and expert analysis on the web. Use the information to your advantage before betting. The more information that you know, the bigger the chances that you’ll win.

Want To Learn More Top Tennis Tips?

Check out our tennis resources and the best betting tips for tennis which are updated and reviewed by experts. We also list and review Indian sportsbooks where you can bet on players and follow scores. As they say, knowledge is power, and we bring a premium tennis guide and best tips to you.

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