Tennis Betting Online for Real Money

by Shreya Mangal
| 24/08/2020

The tennis betting market offers an attractive platform for punters looking for lucrative offers, a variety of bets, and year-round action. As the most popular individual sport in the world, the tennis circuit offers court action year-round. Sportsbooks too get into the action by offering a variety of bets and lucrative tennis betting promotions.

In short, the tennis sports betting industry offers a fun and rewarding platform for all types of punters. Whether you’re in it for the excitement or want to win money, there are online real money sports betting sites that are ready to serve you. So are you ready to follow the tennis matches and bet? Here’s a look at the top services and tools you can en enjoy when you sign up for an Indian sportsbook, today.

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Bet on Different Leagues and Matches

Signing up for an account in one of the many sportsbooks opens up an exciting world of online tennis betting. Of the different sections available on these platforms, the betting section is the most popular. Here, you can bet on different tournaments that are arranged in different categories.

  • Majors - These are the most popular tournaments in the circuit where most enthusiasts bet tennis matches and props. Here, you can bet on the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open. As you can see, these are the top-tier tournaments where all ranked players are mandated to attend. Since these are the most popular, betting on tennis becomes more exciting and profitable.
  • Masters - There are 8 Masters tournaments in the circuit and these also attract the majority of players in the circuit. Some of the popular Masters' events are the Italian Open, the Monte Carlo Masters, Shanghai Masters, and Paris Masters. The winners in these Masters tournaments often collect 1000 ranking points. For this reason, these tournaments are hotly contested by ranked players.
  • ATP 500/250 - These are your lower-tier tournaments where up-and-coming players participate and play. Some tennis players participate in these events to rack up points to qualify for grand slams.

How to Bet on Tennis

Bet On Tennis Online from IndiaThe main objective of tennis betting is to put your money on the player that you think will win the match. This is the most popular way to bet on the sport and an option offered by all online sportsbooks in India. In sports betting lingo, this type of bet is called the ‘Moneyline’. if you’re a beginner in sports betting, this bet type is highly recommended since you’ll only choose between two options - Player A or B. To make an informed bet tennis selection, you need to research on the form of each player or pay attention to previous match results or statistics. Another option is to pay attention to the betting tennis odds. The odds offer you insights on the likelihood that an event or win by the player will happen.

Two other popular bets to play are over/under and the outright winner. In the over/under betting, the sportsbook will identity the total number of points or sets that will be played by the two players. You will guess if their final combined sets or points will fall over or under this limit. Also, you can place the outright bet on tennis betting. Here, you simply predict which player will end up as the champion. Your outright bet is placed in advance.

So how do you submit your wager once you’re logged in to your account? In most online betting sites, you just need to click on the odds linked to your option and it is instantly reflected on the ‘Bet Slip’. On your slip, you need to set the amount of bet you want to play. The system automatically computes for your total wager and the expected payout.

Why Bet on Tennis Online?

There are other ways on how to bet on tennis but taking it online offers the best results. With tennis betting online, you can enjoy comfort and flexibility at all times. You don’t need to visit the bookie’s shop just to place the bets or track results. With online tennis betting, you can browse the available online tennis betting markets anytime, anywhere. Also, the tennis betting odds are delivered to you in real-time. These are updated to reflect any changes in form or player preparation.

Furthermore, you can access your bets using your mobile device. If you need to deposit, place your bet, or withdraw funds, you can do it using your mobile phone. In short, an online sportsbook simplifies the way you enjoy the tennis betting experience.

How Do You Choose Your Next Sportsbook?

Knowing about the game, its tournaments, and the types of bets to play is just the start. As part of the best tennis betting tips, you also need to make the selection of a sportsbook seriously. As a minimum requirement, consider the online tennis betting sites that are fully licensed, encrypted, and offers wide coverage of the sports.

Furthermore, it can help if you compare the available tennis betting promotions. There are different types of bonuses available from new customer bonuses, cashback to free bets online.

Do you want more tips for tennis betting? Do you want help in choosing your next sportsbook? If yes, don’t hesitate to browse our resources. We cover the tennis betting business like a pro.

Pick a site from our list and start betting for your favourite tennis player!

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