Guide To Online Tennis Betting in India

by Shreya Mangal
| 25/08/2020

As a popular individual sport, tennis caries a long and colourful history. According to some historians, the first game was played in 12th century France. The basic rules of the game were simple- return the ball to the player’s court using a hand-held racket. These basic rules soon became the foundation of what we know as modern tennis.

Today, tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world and followed by hundreds of millions of fans. Its general objective remains the same with the addition of new rules, the use of different surfaces, and a growing number of tournaments. This popularity extends to the sports betting industry where tennis offers a world of betting opportunities. But before you play real money bets, first check out our tennis betting guide. By learning how to bet on tennis, you don’t just win; you also appreciate the tradition behind the game.

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Popular Tennis Terms You Should Know

One way to learn tennis betting is to learn basic tennis lingo. Aside from tennis betting odds, this sport uses some terms that are not normally used in other sports. For example, you can find aces, tie-breaks, and a break of serve. 

In tennis, an ace is a Serve that the opposing player fails to return. Some of the best servers in the game are the Williams sisters, Federer, and Djokovic. In the game, each player is assigned a chance to serve. If he manages to win the game, he holds. However, there are instances when the other player manages to win on the service game. When it happens, it becomes a break of serve.

Also, there are tie-breaks in tennis. This happens on the last set, at 5-5. To break the tie, a tiebreak shall be conducted where players race to win 7, provided that the margin is two points. However, if during the tiebreak the score is 6-6, the play goes on until someone wins with a margin of two points. An understanding of these terms is critical when it comes to tennis betting. This information is particularly helpful if you're planning to join in-play betting. In tennis betting guides, the popular in-play tennis bets focus on the number of aces, the player who breaks serve, or if the set will move into the tie-break.

There are also different types of playing surfaces in tennis. In online tennis betting, an understanding of the different types of surfaces is important. Traditionally, there are four types of surfaces that are used in tennis matches: hardcourt, clay court, grass court, and carpet.

The first three playing surfaces correspond to the first three grand slam events of the year: Australian Open, French Open, and Wimbledon. In top online tennis betting, knowing which surface is used can spell the difference between success and failure. By checking the players' profile, you will know that many players specialize on a certain surface, like Nadal on clay and Federer on the grass. This information is critical when making a bet on tennis matches.

Popular Tennis Tournaments to Follow and Bet On

tennis online betting guideAside from the rules, being familiar with the different tournaments is critical to a careful understanding of how to win tennis bets. In tennis, the events are generally categorized into three tiers for men and two categories for women. For this tennis betting guide, we look at the men’s side.

  • Grand slam events. These are the premier tennis tournaments that include the Australian Open and Wimbledon.
  • 500 and 250 Series. These are the tier two tournaments that offer slightly lower prizes and ranking points compared to grand slams.
  • Challenger and Futures. These are designed for the lower-ranked players. Some players who missed a few seasons often start in these tournaments.

Popular Types of Tennis Bets You Can Play

The fun starts as soon as you explore the different types of bets. In learning how to bet on tennis and win, it’s important that you understand the basic bet types and what they mean:

  • Match betting - A bet on the winner of a tennis match.
  • Tournament outright - You pick the player who wins the tournament in advance.
  • Over/Under - You bet if the combined sets (or games) at the end of the match will fall over or under the target set by the bookmaker.
  • Handicapping - A favoured player will be ‘handicapped’ to even the match-up.

These are just some of the popular bets to check if you want to learn how to bet on a tennis match. Depending on the real money sportsbook online or betting arrangement, you can also enjoy proposition bets and in-play betting. Whatever types of bets are used, make sure you first review the rules before betting real money.

Tips Before You Start Betting

Don’t let the complex tennis rules and gameplay stop you from enjoying the top online tennis betting experience. Make sure you pay attention to some tested and free tennis betting tips. It all starts by learning about the rules. A clear understanding of the different types of bets and tournaments is also important.

Betting on sports, like tennis, is inherently risky but if you have a clear grasp of the rules and betting lingo, you can easily manage the risks and enjoy the experience.

Are you looking for more guidance and free tennis betting tips?

Read our online tennis betting tips on how to earn money in tennis betting or how to choose a sportsbook, our tips will definitely help.

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