About IPL Betting Online In India

by Advik Bakshi
| 29/06/2021

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the premier T20 tournament across the entire globe. 

It brought rise to the idea of a franchised team competition and has seen exponential growth in popularity since it was formed.

It is one of the most popular tournaments in India, shown by the IPL is the number 1 trend on google in India in 2020.

We will provide you with a deep dive into the IPL, the different betting markets, best betting sites for Indians, and a few tips and tricks to help you win when betting on the IPL. 

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Main Questions About IPL

There are a few frequently asked questions when it comes to the IPL. For anyone who is beginning to bet online on cricket and on this specific tournament, we will answer a few below to give you some background information before placing any bets.

What is the IPL?

IPL Betting Online In IndiaThe IPL was first brought into existence in 2008, and it was the original T20 cricket tournament that included a number of different franchises – similar to the Major League Soccer and National Football League in the United States.

The franchises are spread across the entire country, allowing more of the population to support their closest team.

Following the huge success of the earlier years, other notable cricketing countries have started their own franchise T20 tournaments.

What is the Format of the IPL?

8 teams face off against each other home and away, aiming to finish in the top 4. The top 2 play each other with the winner going straight through to the final. The third and fourth teams then play, and the winner then moves onto the next round where they play the loser of the first playoff game. The eventual winner of this game will progress to the final where they compete for a lucrative prize for the overall winners.

How are the Teams Structured?

Each team is made up of players who were originally at the team, star Indian players (who regularly play for the National team) and a few overseas players who come to show off their talents on a global scale.

The star Indian cricketers and overseas players are auctioned off to a franchise every 3 years. They then sign a contract to play for that franchise for 3 years before re-joining the auction.

Each team is allowed to field 4 overseas players on any given matchday, to allow for other players to gain valuable playing time and show the BCCI that they are worthy of a spot on the National team.

Finding The Best IPL Sports Betting Site In India

The first step to being successful at betting on the IPL is finding the best sportsbook.

There are so many to choose from, and it is important you find one that offers the best odds, has the greatest number of markets for each game and the one that offers quick and easy deposits/withdrawals.

If you don’t want the hassle of researching them all yourself, please refer to our guide to the top sportsbooks available to all Indian bettors.

How To Win IPL Betting Online

Winning consistently in any sport takes time and quality research.

There are lots of statistics that you can investigate to help find edges within each upcoming game. 

You should understand how many runs each team score / concedes and how each batsman/bowler is performing. Getting a better understanding of a team’s form will help you to predict what the eventual outcome could be. This will also lead you to specific markets to bet on, some of which we will highlight below. 

Top IPL Betting Markets

Due to the millions of US$ being wagered during each tournament, the number of markets that are now available to a punter has grown considerably. In 2008, you would be lucky to have 10+ markets for each individual game, however, fast-forward to 2021 and sportsbooks are offering over 100 different ones. 

This provides an advantage to the punter because there can be hidden value bets as each sportsbook does not always correctly price it up due to them having to provide odds on 100+ markets.

The most popular IPL betting markets are listed below:

1. To Win – here you choose the outright winner of the match-up. Be careful when betting on this as the heavily favoured teams will have very short odds. You will need to place a large amount of money to gain a decent return, and there are no guarantees when betting.

2. Total Number of Runs Scored – sportsbooks will set a total and you will have the option to choose if the game will go over or under that figure. Sportsbooks take everything into consideration when setting the total, so don’t be surprised that the final score will be very close to this. You will also have the option to place wagers on the total number of runs scored by each individual team.

3. Number of 4s / 6s – IPL (as with all T20 competitions) is all about scoring a lot of runs quickly. The best way to do this? Hit as many 4s and 6s as you can. This is another over/under market, set up like the market above. 

We have provided you with a foundation to betting on the IPL, so go out and start researching and winning at IPL betting online.

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