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Virtual Sports Betting In Online Casinos In India

by Shreya Mangal
| 12/10/2020

Betting on sports goes a long way in India. Although it's heavily restricted and regulated, its supporters are vocal in pushing for freer access to online gambling and betting. There were even initiatives to fully legalize online betting and open it to everyone. The Law Commission of India (LCI) in 2018 pushed for its complete legalization citing ancient texts. Today, gambling and sports betting are popular as ever. With a strong national passion for cricket and football, Indian sports enthusiasts and punters are always looking for ways to follow and bet on sports online. And the good news is that licensed operators and offshore online casinos are more than happy to provide punters with a platform to watch matches, track scores, and bet on outcomes.

Betting on traditional sports is fun and offers you a lucrative way to follow scores. However, it also presents you with a common problem especially if you're the type of punter who wants to regularly play and bet. If no matches are on schedule, there are no betting markets to consider and bet on. This normally happens during the off-season and has gained importance during the pandemic. It can happen but there are still options available. One option is to bet on virtual sports, one of the less popular services offered by Indian bookies. Thanks to the popularity of football, tennis, and cricket betting, virtual sports betting has become an afterthought for many. Well, this shouldn't be the case since virtual sports betting is equally exciting and offers you a steady supply of betting markets whatever the season!

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What is Virtual Sports?

Virtual Sports Betting In IndiaVirtual sports are nothing new in the online gambling industry. Simply put, virtual sports are simulations of sporting events that are generated by software that's programmed and tested to comply with a set of rules. As part of the fast-growing betting industry, betting and winning on virtual sports are categorized between sports betting and casino games. There are different toes of virtual sports and in Indian bookies, the most popular are virtual football and virtual cricket. For example, in virtual football, you will find a simulated version of a match that's much shorter and captures the standard elements of a regular football match. Instead of players fighting and playing for the scores, there's an algorithm in place that determines the scores and the outcomes. Since it's also a match with potential scores and outcomes, you can bet on virtual sports.

Why Bet on Virtual Sports

Betting on virtual sports is now possible online and it can provide you with lucrative betting opportunities. If you haven't tried betting on virtual sports, then now is the best time to check out how to win on virtual sports. Here are a few reasons why you should consider betting on virtual sports in India.

  • Matches and betting markets are available 24/7. There's no need to wait for the next cricket match or the NBA finals just to bet on sports. Since virtual sports betting does not rely on actual sports events, bookmakers can schedule virtual matches daily, hourly, or even every 15 minutes. In short, betting and winning on virtual sports will prove appealing to punters who want to regularly participate in betting.
  • Access a broader array of sports. The good thing about virtual sports is that it allows you to access a wide range of sports. In some of the best Indian sportsbooks, you will find different types of virtual sports where you can bet and win.
  • Virtual sports betting are completed in a shorter amount of time. If a typical football match takes around 90 minutes to finish, virtual sports can be completed in 15 or 30 minutes. Since matches are short, you are provided with more opportunities to bet on virtual sports in India.
  • With virtual sports, you're not required to be physically present in matches and competitions. Virtual sports are getting popular now that's the pandemic is restricting movement and sporting activities. All betting activities are completed online.

How to Start Betting on Virtual Sports

Virtual sports offer you an exciting and flexible way to bet on sporting outcomes. In virtual sports betting, you'll watch a simulation of a sport and you will bet on its outcomes. Since matches run for 15 to 30 minutes, you can easily know the results and place more virtual sports bets in India. Don't worry if you're a beginner in betting on virtual sports. Most sportsbooks in India also offers free virtual sports betting. Here, you are provided with free credits that you can use to bet on virtual game outcomes. Once you're familiar with how the simulations work, then that's the time you can now bet on virtual sports in India.

To start betting on virtual sports in India, you need to register first for an account with an offshore licensed sportsbook. We can help you compare the top virtual sports sportsbooks for Indian punters. Our team reviews these betting sites based on the types of virtual sports available and the types of bonuses available like no deposit virtual sports betting bonuses. Aside from complete reviews of the best virtual sports sportsbooks, we also offer virtual sports free bets tips and strategies.

Are you ready to explore the virtual world of sports? Before you register and place your bet, check out complete virtual sports betting resources, today!

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