Play Real Money Online Craps In India

by Shreya Mangal
| 26/07/2020

One of the greatest advantages of playing the best online craps games from the comfort of your home is the excellent 1.4% house edge of the game. Whether you like to play online craps for fun for real money, you will enjoy three times better odds compared to playing roulette or slots games. The added casino bonuses and excellent payouts make the game more appealing for players in India. Learn how to win online craps with our smart tips below and only choose the most reputable craps real money casinos in India:

Best Craps Casinos - July 2024


How To Play Online Craps And Win

Learning how to play online craps and make a profit is almost as important as knowing where to play craps online for money. Not all casinos are equally advantageous when it comes to craps no deposit bonuses, welcome packages, loyalty cashback, VIP rewards or comp points. Why not take advantage of the best perks you are entitled to while playing a fun and lucrative game?

Our platform has carefully assessed and handpicked the most prestigious casinos where you can find the best online craps games for players in India. Play for real money or for free, in practice mode, learn the basic rules, try out a few new and simple strategies, find the freshest bonus codes and use them from the comfort of your home or while on the go. We only list those casinos that offer the most versatile classic and live craps games for players in India. Choose any of them and you will considerably increase your odds to play craps online for fun or for real cash and win more often.

A brief search for “craps online how to play” will normally display a huge number of results in your browser. This is a strong indicator of the huge popularity of this game and people's interest in learning its rules. One explanation for this would be because craps are one of the most popular casino games, fast-paced and rather tensed dice game that requires players to place bets on the outcome of the dice roll. The exciting game is played on a dedicated table and it helps enables passionate players to win whopping prizes fast. There is no need to sit behind a virtual craps table for hours in a row or read lengthy guides to learn the basic rules. Most casinos will allow you to play in practice or demo mode and the rules are so simple that you will oftentimes learn them while playing.

Some craps games may have a more apparently complicated layout that might confuse some players. Nonetheless, the game is easy to play:

  • Choose your desired wager and place your chips on the respective bet. The bet cannot be lower than the minimum bet placed that is placed on the pass line.

  • All “shooters” (players rolling the dice) will take turns. The first roll of the shooter is also known as the “come out roll”. Next, they will continue to roll the dice until they get a losing combo.

  • If the come-out roll is eleven or seven, the pass line bet will be a winner. If the come-out roll is two, three or twelve, those players who have chosen the “don’t pass bet” will be the winning ones. When this occurs, this will also trigger the end of the round.

  • When four, five, six, eight, nine or ten show up on the come-out roll, the respective number will become the point number. The shooter will need to keep rolling the dice until this point number or a seven will come up.

  • When the point number shows up, the players who have staked on the pass line will win while players who have selected “don’t pass” wagers will lose. At the same time, when a seven will appear, “pass line” bets will be losing bets, whereas “don’t pass” wagers will be declared winners.

  • When a player loses, a different player will turn into the new shooter. All players need to stake new bets whenever a fresh shooter begins to roll the dice.

Craps Online – How To Play: Come-Out Rolls

Play Craps OnlineWhen the shooter rolls the dice, they need to simply tap the roll button, watch the dice stop and wait for the following potential outcomes:

  • Natural: seven or eleven are displayed by the dice, which will let the player roll once more time.

  • Craps: tow, three and twelve are displayed by the dice, causing the player to lose. The player is allowed to roll the dice one more time.

  • Point: when rolling four, five, six, eight, nine or ten, the shooter earns one point. The shooter is expected to hit the same number once more, but in a different combo, for an identical total number in order to win.

Craps Online – How To Play: Pass/Don’t Pass Line Wagers

Bets placed on the pass line mean that the shooter wins when they roll out either a seven or an eleven. The shooter is allowed to bet on the “pass line” or the “don’t pass line”. The ”don’t pass line” wager bet is the exact opposite of the “pass line”. In other words, the player is staking a wager against the shooter to not pass the line. Whenever two or three will come up, the player loses the bet. When twelve comes up, it is called a “push” and there will be no change in the game.

Come/Don’t Come Wagers

A “come bet” is a winner whenever seven or eleven show up and a loser when the craps are rolled. Here, there is no difference between the pass and don't pass line wagers. The best can only be made after the point has been established. When the shooter rolls a two or a three, you will win 2 or 3, whereas a seven or an eleven will lose your bet. When the twelve shows up it is called a push.

Choose any of our recommended casinos that offer the best online craps with the highest payouts, clear terms, third-party auditing and a prompt customer support service 24/7 and get started today!

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