Tennis Betting Odds Made Easy

by Shreya Mangal
| 25/08/2020

Tennis is one of those games that boasts a long history. According to many write-ups, the game was first played during the 12th century in northern France. During those times, the ball was struck using one’s hand, hence it’s called ‘jeu de paume (palm game). Today, the game is played not just in different parts of the world, but also without the use of the players' palms. Thanks to its competitive nature and skills requirement, it’s considered the most popular individual sport today.

The popularity of tennis can be seen not only in the growing number of players or the expansion of many tournaments but also growth in the real money sports betting industry online. Tennis is one of the most popular sports covered by sportsbooks. Thanks to these tennis betting sites, you can now follow your favourite players and bet on tennis matches. And, if your bet wins, you will collect a payout based on prevailing tennis odds and your actual wager. 

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A Look at Tennis Betting Odds

Although the idea behind tennis sports betting is simple, the computation of your potential payout and the identification of the favourite (or underdog) takes a lot of work. To bring all this information to you in an organized matter, sportsbooks operators use the sports lingo tennis odds.

Just like in other sports, the odds tell you the form of each player and how much you can win based on a set wager. This is the reason why every punter should start with an understanding of odds format and how this works.

Tennis betting odds are presented to bettors in one of three formats:


Examples of fractional odds are 7/2 or 10/1. This format is common among sportsbooks focused on the UK market.


This is the most popular format for odds and often used by many Indian sportsbooks. For example, you'll find your tennis player with 1.25 odds to win the first set.


This is the chosen format among sportsbooks for US players. For example, the player will be listed with a +200 odds of winning the match.

Why Are Tennis Odds Important?

online tennis betting oddsSports betting is data-driven and by having access to tools and information, you can improve your chances of collecting a bet. One way to improve your chances of winning is to learn how to read tennis betting odds. Let's look at an example to illustrate a point: Rafael Nadal is expected by many to win the French Open and its listed at 1.50. What does the number mean and why should you care? Well, tennis betting odds simply tell you about the likelihood of an event happen. In this case, the listed odds of 1.50 tells you the odds of Rafa winning the match. Based on this number, the implied probability that Nadal will win is 67% (implied probability= 1/published odds).

Tennis betting odds also offer you insights on how much you can win from your wager. Let's say that you are a Rafael Nadal fan and you placed a wager of 1000 Rupees for him to win. Based on the listed odds and wager, your expected payout is 1,500 Rupees (payout= listed odds x wager). Furthermore, the listed tennis odds can help give you insights on your potential profit. Using the same set of numbers, the profit for this tennis bet is 500 Rupees.

Tennis Betting Odds in Action

Heading into the 2019 French Open, Rafael Nadal was favoured to win. In many outright betting markets, sportsbooks listed the player at +100 or with odds of 2.0 to win. Using our formula, the implied probability that Rafael Nadal will win during that time is 50%. Well, we all know what happened after two weeks of action - Nadal won the championship for a record 12th time. As you can see, the tennis betting odds are important tools that can help you boost your bets.

Compare the Tennis Odds to Win Big

Analyzing the tennis odds is one of the important tennis betting tips you can use when betting on matches. However, relying on the published odds of one sportsbook can be a huge mistake. What you should do is compare the published odds of multiple sportsbooks at a time. In sports betting, we call this 'Line Shopping' and it's a highly recommended betting strategy for all types of punters.

In 'Line Shopping', you compare and analyze the published betting lines of sportsbooks and place a bet on a platform that offers the most competitive odds. The more competitive the odds are, the higher the chance that you'll collect a lucrative payout. Imagine two sportsbooks: one listing the odds of 1.50 and the other 1.75. If you do your computation, you will know that the first sportsbook offers a better opportunity at decent wins.

Start Betting on Tennis Matches, Now

Successful sports betting is all about understanding the game's lingo, such as odds, and signing up with the right sportsbook. To improve your betting rate success, always include a careful comparison and reading of the tennis odds to your plan.

If you need help with finding a suitable sportsbook, check out our tennis betting guide and tips. We review the leading Indian sportsbooks for you and offer you a tennis betting guide so you can focus on what you truly enjoy.

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