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by Shreya Mangal
| 01/09/2020
Careers in Online Gambling in India

The gaming scene in India has been a hot topic of discussion in recent years and it's not just the PUBG: Mobile phenomenon that has surpassed 200 million downloads that contributed to this state of things. The COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that people were confined in their homes appears to have played a critical role in the rise of daily active players. The eSports and online gambling industries were also spiking lately, with the industry worth more than one billion, so there is no big surprise there. With so many sports stadiums, gaming arenas and Goa, Sikkim or Daman land casinos suddenly becoming unavailable, people's interest shifted even more toward all forms of eSports and virtual gambling.

However, it's not just the pandemic that has gotten Indian players hooked on these forms of online entertainment. The Intel World Open tourney was supposed to introduce eSports to the Olympics for the first time in history in 2020 in Tokyo. This comes to show just how important eSports has become worldwide, not just in India. Until the popular Dew Gaming events will be physically held once again, Indian gamers will continue to play their favourite games of online casinos, Counter-Strike, Fortnite or PUBG online or watch others do it for big money. How about eating a slice of the tasty cake that the online gaming industry has to offer on your own?

There is definitely a huge appeal to joining this industry that is worth more than 5 billion dollars. With more than 30 million players logging in on their smartphones and tablets on a daily basis in India to play PUGB alone in 2019 and a few more millions interested in other game genres, pursuing a gaming career in the country sounds like a smart idea.

Gaming In India In Numbers

At the moment, India is ranked 129th when it comes to its mobile internet speed and 75th in terms of broadband speed. This makes it the ideal breeding ground for more online games and apps to see the light of day in the near future. In 2019, the country was counting more than 300 million active online gamers. Future projections are expected to reach 440 million by the end of the year. Without a doubt, India ranks the highest when it comes to the growth in the number of downloaded online games on all app stores.

The market for mobile casinos and its games is also expected to reach around $2.4 billion in 2020, which is an incredible growth of $600 million compared to 2017. Indian players also appear to prefer to play games on their mobile devices, instead of relying on gaming consoles and computers. This means choosing to specialise in mobile gaming app development, getting a job as a casino game or video game tester or specialising in eSports game graphics and anything else connected would be a sure path to success.

India has already slowly turned into a powerful magnet for gaming developers, so it would only make sense to aim for a well-paid job at one of these giants. Around 8 out of 10 Indians choose to engage in a form of gambling at least once a year, whether it is casino table games, online slots or sports betting. Here are a few additional details on the legal character of gaming in the country, as well as the best jobs and careers to consider.

Legal Ground For Online Gambling In India

The Asian continent is the most generous market on the planet at the moment. At least, this is the offline tendency in relation to land gambling facilities in all of their forms. While there are plenty of growth tendencies for the virtual gambling industry, there are still plenty of changes that need to occur in terms of the technologies and legal grounds.

Indian players are used to lotteries, casino gaming, horse racing betting and other types of betting as the most popular options in terms of live forms of gaming. Each Indian state has adopted its own legal and regulatory attitude and framework towards these activities. These live businesses enable people who feel they have an inclination toward the industry to embrace a number of well-paying and satisfying jobs and careers. However, online gambling jobs are equally, if not more appealing.

Online and landforms of gaming are regulated with the help of an excessive number of state laws. States are the only ones allowed to issue gambling laws that are valid within their borders. According to the Public Gambling Act, running or managing a public gambling house is forbidden in India.

While online gambling is still relatively new to the country, the Federal Information Technology Act in 2011 did not manage to fully restrict all virtual gambling activities. In other words, Indian residents are not prohibited to get access to online betting operators. In fact, licensed real money online casinos In India that have also obtained a certificate to run are considered legal, as long as they are ruled by the corresponding jurisdictions. Players can also access offshore online casinos that are dedicated to players in India.

Once more online gambling regulations will come into place, the industry could start generating even higher revenues and, consequently, hire more people. The country could easily earn millions of rupees in terms of tax revenue from online gambling. We believe it is safe to say that the future will bring serious changes and updates to the current restrictive legislation.

For those of you interested in landing a job in the field at the moment or for a time in the future, researching your potential employers is a good way to get started.

The Hottest Jobs In the Online Gaming Industry In India

Security Experts

A security specialist is a security analyst who needs to periodically observe gambling sites and networks and identify security breaches and potential online threats that could jeopardise the safety of players and their data, as well as the integrity of the platform. The best online casinos hire security experts to implement the best security standards in the industry and maintain system protection, to mention just a few of the job requirements.

Graphic Designer Jobs

If you have an inclination for aesthetically pleasing images and you have experience designing online gambling apps and sites, this is the job for you. Besides designing the best Graphical User Interfaces, you will also be responsible for developing proprietary game options or customising game features.

Coding Jobs

An online coder is supposed to create, edit and implement gaming codes for various apps. The focus falls on assessing and implementing various ideas in relation to the expressed needs of mobile players. This career path is definitely on high demand today, with the palpable shift to mobile gaming that is hard to ignore.

Customer Service Specialists

Customer service representatives have critical jobs when it comes to running online casinos. They are responsible for communicating with new players and loyal ones and answering all their questions and concerns via phone, live chat messaging, email and online forms. You could land a job as a customer support executive working for an online bookie, an online casino or a poker room.

Other job requirements may include supervising money transactions or performing marketing and sales tasks.

Live Casino Dealer Jobs

The job incurs similar requirements with the ones related to a land casino dealer, except for the remote location and the use of a webcam to perform all activities. If you are familiar with how to run a game of online poker, blackjack or roulette live and you consider yourself to be a special, friendly and talkative person with a pleasant personality, this could be the right online gaming career in India for you.

Data Scientist/Artificial Intelligence Expert

Big data and AI specialists are on high demand in the online gaming industry. By effectively anticipating players' needs and expectations, the industry will keep growing. This can be done through thorough assessments of large volumes of user data for providing customised gambling experiences, special deals and advertisements.

You could also consider an online gaming job in India as a game animator, 2D or 3D designer, tester, project manager or even aim for a position as a General Manager.

Indian Gaming Career: Skills And Education

While being creative is critical for landing a job in the field, you should also be fairly familiar with how to use specialised tools used in the industry, such as Substance Designer, Photoshop or Maya, as well as how Unity and other game engines function. To further improve your odds of landing a career in online gaming, you could also apply for a Bachelor of Fine Arts program and embrace a training programme taught by a pro. This should give you the needed hands-on experience to get you started a lot easier.

Salaries In The Online Gambling Industry

The salary of a person working for an online casino or gaming website in India is similar to the industry standards in other parts of the world. An inexperienced employee can expect to get started on a more modest salary, while earning an average of 5-7 lakhs per year and eventually growing to 12 lakhs or once they will advance.

These jobs also incur plenty of excellent incentives and the more talented and dedicated you prove to be, the more rewarding your online gaming career in India will eventually become. No matter if you are a passionate player or a student looking for something new and exciting, this is definitely a career path worth considering!

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