Sports Betting Strategies and Tips

No matter if you are eager to start your online sports betting journey in India with cricket, horse races, football, tennis or something else, you should start by getting acquainted with a few relevant sports betting tips and strategies that can teach you how to bet on sports and make a profit.

The Indian sports betting market is rather complex for the newbie punter who has never placed a bet online before. Make sure you start off on the right foot with a top sportsbook and a solid strategy.

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Manage Your Expectations The Smart Way

Besides the adrenaline-popping factor, most people enjoy betting on sports online due to the potential wins involved. A good betting strategy and some smart tips could easily bring punters some nice profits. However, you would have to be extremely lucky to place a single bet and get a huge win in the blink of an eye. Winning sports bets means being patience and following some common-sense rules, as well as knowing which are the most lucrative strategies to use for the markets you are interested in. Balance your expectations well and set clear limitations to your budget, keep your wagers small and constant and do not aim too high when you are first starting out.

Get Acquainted With The Odds

sport betting strategy and tipsDo not worry about having to figure out how to outsmart the oddsmakers so you can win your bets. Bookies have almost endless information and handicapping which are difficult to compete against. Handicapping is a term that defines the search for advantages while using the given odds and it revolves around a number of factors. It is mandatory to at least know all the basic ins and outs of the sports you are interested in betting on, as well as past statistics, future predictions by leading experts, weather forecasts and any upgrades in the personal and professional lives of players or teams. If you are a beginner at sports betting, be sure to check out our sports betting guide. It will give you some basic ideas and rules on starting and moving toward success.

Even something as apparently insignificant as the mindset of a cricket player before a big game can determine the odds and contribute to the handicapping status. Knowing how to find inefficiencies in a sport betting market and understanding the way sports wagering betting exists through value is also critical.

With a permanent evolution of odds and prices on any given market and a bettor's need to look for the best value, success could come sooner than expected. The more time you will spend assessing probabilities, statistics and tips, the more efficient your wagering will prove to be.

Use More In-Play Bets

If you want to know how to win sports bets online more often, you should also focus on searching for higher odds compared to the ones you would normally use for pre-match wagers. For example, if you would like to bet on the national Indian football team and they were to go one goal down against their inferior opponents, you could take advantage of a money line market that is now higher compared to its value prior to the game. In other words, the bettor can wager less money and enjoy the same or an even greater return, since the odds have increased.

Only Join Top Sportsbooks For Punters In India

It is important for the new punter account registration, money depositing and the actual use of the bet slip to run smoothly and hassle-free. For this, it is essential to use a highly reliable and responsive sportsbook with professional customer support teams in your language that can rapidly assist you with any problems.

If you are particularly interested in certain types of bets, competitive odds and the most advantageous welcome bonuses, you could opt for any of the top sportsbooks we have personally tested for you.

Wager 1-2% Of The Overall Bankroll

Poor bankroll management will automatically lead to bad results in the long term. While the frustration of going on a losing streak might push you to keep wagering big amounts so you can win back your losses, this is not a good sports betting strategy we recommend.

On the contrary, the secret is to keep your instincts under control and focus more on placing smaller bets accounting for 1-2% of your balance. Focus on smaller bets for smaller potential wins instead of aiming for a huge one-time win. Keep a close eye on the odds and readjust your betting behaviour according to their movement.

Take Advantage Of Bonuses

If you are just getting started or you are a seasoned punter eager to test a few new bookies, take advantage of the welcome bonuses and other incentives provided by top sportsbooks. This way, you will get to save money and even make a profit with zero investment on your part. You can join as many bookies as you want and redeem several bonuses, just as long as you remember not to try to sign up more than one account with a bookie, or you will risk having your account closed.

Try Bet Hedging Using In-Play Betting

This is not the simplest sports betting tip you could put into practice, especially if you are a newbie who is just getting started. However, the strategy can prove to be extremely useful once you will learn its ins and outs.

Let's look at the football betting example of placing a bet on Chelsea to win a game in the Premier League against Man City, while also betting on Chelsea to win a pre-match bet. If Chelsea goes 1-0 up in the game, you will also see that the margins for Man City to win or for the teams to draw will increase significantly. This will enable the punter to hedge his original bet, while still thinking that the outcome may not happen. This means the in-play bet can be smaller, given that the odds are higher compared to their level before the beginning of the game.

Use some of these sports betting tips and strategies next time you are thinking about testing a new bookie that caters to the needs of punters in India and wait for the wins to pour in!

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