Understanding Kabaddi Betting Odds

by Advik Bakshi
| 24/08/2020

Betting on kabaddi doesn't require expert knowledge of the game but by learning just a few things about the rules and understanding some sporting lingo, you're more than ready to place your bets and win.

Of the different terms used in kabaddi betting, the betting odds are one of the most helpful. Think of the kabaddi odds as an important barometer in online kabaddi betting: it tells you the probability of an event happening, the value of the bet, and an estimate of the payout that you'll receive. If you want to bet on kabaddi like a pro, then it's best that you learn how to read and take advantage of the odds.

In this guide, we will try and help you make sense of the odds and use it to enhance your online sports betting experience.

What Are Kabaddi Odds?

Kabaddi Online Betting Odds If you have visited an online sportsbook for real money before, there's a big chance that you have noticed the numbers associated with each team or event. And no, we're not talking about the dates or the time schedule of the match. It's often represented in decimal and partnered with an expected match outcome. For example, a popular Indian sportsbook lists Australia (1.50), India (3.75), and Draw (7.50). This is your kabaddi betting line and the numbers here are called the 'kabaddi match odds'. So what exactly are these kabaddi betting odds and why should you pay attention?

Well, the sport betting odds tell you a variety of information. First, the odds will tell you the likelihood that a specific event is happening. In the example above, the kabaddi betting line tells you the probability that each event will happen. For example, an Australia win has a 67% chance of winning the game over India (1/published odds). In short, the line tells you that the Australian team is the solid favourite to take home the win.

Also, the kabaddi odds can tell you how much you can win. Let's say that you wager 1,000 Rupees for Australia to win using the same kabaddi bookie line described above. With the prevailing odds and that wager, your payout is 1,500 Rupees. In short, the kabaddi odds can also predict your actual profit. Using the same example, your profit for this bet is 500 Rupees. 

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What Are The Different Formats For Odds?

Odds are prominently displayed on all sportsbooks to help punters decide on what and how much to bet. However, online bookies have different approaches on how to display these odds. Before you bet and calculate your potential payouts, make sure to check out how these kabaddi odds are displayed.

In most Indian sportsbooks when betting online on kabaddi, the odds are displayed in one of three different formats:

  • Decimals - This the default format of odds in most Indian sportsbooks and the easiest to understand. As used in the previous example, you simply multiply the wager and odds to calculate for your payout. If the listed odds are 'lower', it only means that the team is more likely to win.
  • Fractional - Also known as UK odds, the fractional odds are another way to represent the likelihood that an event will happen. Yes, these odds are displayed as fractions. For example, a kabaddi bookie line will tell you that India has odds of 1/2. To check your potential return, just divide the stake to the denominator value. Just add your original wager to get a full view of your winnings. 
  • Moneyline - For many punters, the moneyline is the most difficult to understand among the three formats. Commonly used in betting sites for US players, the odds will come with the plus (+) or minus (-) sign before the numbers. The higher the absolute value of the number, the higher the chance that it will happen. In this type of betting odds, the positive number (say +180) shows how much you can profit if you wager $100. The negative number, on the other hand, shows how much you should wager to earn $100. Using the example, betting on a kabaddi team with +180 will offer you a payout of 180 based on a 100 unit wager.

Simply put, the odds are the punters' best friend when placing an informed bet. It tells you many things, like the implied probability of an event, your payout, and actual profit. For this reason, don't just submit your bet without checking and understanding the published kabaddi odds available. To improve your chances, make sure to find the most competitive odds, which can be found on our Indian sportsbook reviews page, and place your wager accordingly.

How Can You Find the Best Kabaddi Odds?

As you can see, your payouts and actual profits partly depend on the quality of the kabaddi bet rate odds. The challenge here is to find the best betting odds that can help you collect lucrative payouts. However, you can't find a single sportsbook that consistently offers higher odds. To get the best value in online kabaddi betting, you need to continuously check the market and compare several sites at the same time. It's the only way you can get better odds and improve your potential payouts.

Don't know where to start? Make sure to check our kabaddi betting tips and sportsbook recommendations. In making our recommendations, we take a look at the quality of odds published on their websites. So why don't you check our picks today and find the best kabaddi odds!

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