Horse Racing Betting Tips and Strategies

by Shreya Mangal
| 21/09/2020

Horse racing in India may not be as popular compared to cricket but it's equally exciting and boasts a great past. History tells us that horse racing was started in Great Britain under the leadership of King Charles II during the 17th century. The sport was introduced in India more than 200 years ago, with the first racecourse having been established at Madras in 1777. Its introduction gave rise to a horse racing industry and sports betting.

Just like in other sports and races, the idea of betting on horses is to put your money on the outcomes. This may seem like an easy task to do but the horse racing industry offers a unique betting market with its set of sports lingo. And for the first-time punters or those without a background in the sport, these may prove challenging. But don't let these common concerns stop you from fully enjoying horse racing betting. On this guide, we provide you with a few top horse racing betting tips in India which you can use to explore the colourful world of online sports betting. Whether you're an experienced punter or a beginner, the described free horse racing betting tips can help enhance your online betting experience.

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Use different kinds of bets

Horse racing betting tips and strategiesIt's understandable if a punter plays the most popular type of bet. It's convenient, easy to understand, and offers decent payouts. And in horse racing, the easiest bet to play is a 'win'. Here, you simply pick the horse that you think will win the race. If it ends up first, you win your bet. Although this easy to play, using this as your only bet will prevent you from discovering other lucrative betting markets. 

You will also find other horse racing types of bets aside from the standard win bet. If you register an account with an Indian sportsbook today, you will also find exotic bets in the form of exacta, trifecta, and Superfecta. These are more specific and risky bets to play but these can provide punters with exciting ways to bet and win. Compared to the win bets, the exotic bets allow you to predict the top horses that will finish the races in order. If you're familiar with the breeds, past results, and form, then you can use these bets to your advantage.

Always compare the available betting odds

The best betting tips for horse racing in India will always include an appreciation of the betting odds. The odds will tell you the likelihood of an event happening and can also tell you your potential payout. These can help you find the most lucrative bets to play for a specific race. So, once you have chosen the events or the horses that you will bet on and the type of bet, you can start comparing the odds. Check different sportsbooks online to find out the odds for a specific racing event. With different odds in front of you, you should choose which one offers you the best chance of winning the most. 

Let's say that your preferred horse has odds of 2.1 in one sportsbook and it's listed at 2.5 in another. Using the standard formula for payout (odds x wager), your payout for both sites will be 2,100 Rupees and 2,500 Rupees respectively for a wager of 1,000 Rupees. Yes, you may only earn a few bucks on each bet. But if you're a regular punter, these extra few Rupees can add up quickly. In short, the best horse racing betting tips require you to conduct some research before putting your money on the line.

Identify a bankroll you can use when betting

Just like in real money online casinos, horse racing betting should be approached responsibly. You can do this by setting up a budget that you will use in betting on racing outcomes. There are different free horse racing bet tips related to bankroll management. The most basic approach is to identify an amount that you can afford to lose. After identifying the budget, the next step is identifying how much to place in each bet. Again, you will find several tips for horse racing bets available. For a start, you shouldn't bet more than 3% of the total bankroll. So, if you're bankroll is set at INR 1,000, your bet should not exceed INR 30.

Check out daily match predictions and racing tips

The web can be your friend when starting with horse racing betting. Before you bet on races, make it a point to check out the available resources and horse racing betting tips and predictions in India. Some of these articles and opinion pieces of enthusiasts and experienced punters can serve as your inspiration when developing your bets. On these articles, they will offer horse racing tips, possible winners or faces, or those that are not odds-on favourites but has a chance to pull off an upset. Make it a point to check out the best horse racing betting tips that are published online.

Betting on horses require complete preparation, understanding of the sport, and the use of the best horse racing guide, tips and tricks. Also, there's no specific strategy in place that can help you win. It's always a combination of top horse racing tips in India and your appreciation of information around you.

Before you bet on horses, check out the available betting market and odds. Use our website to find free horse racing bet tips and learn the best approaches on how to win betting on horse racing.

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