Horse Racing Beginners Guide For Indian Players

by Shreya Mangal
| 21/09/2020

Betting on horses in India offers you an exciting opportunity to take part in a centuries-old tradition. First hosted in a racecourse in Madras more than 200 years ago, horse racing has become a colourful tradition in different parts of the country. Today, it's run and regulated by at least 6 racing authorities and several regular races are hosted in India annually. 

This gave rise to betting on horses and the popularity of horse race sportsbooks online in India. It's heavily regulated, but if you can find a fully licensed and registered platform that accepts bets from Indian punters, you can enjoy the excitement that comes with betting on horses. To fully maximize your horse betting experience, make sure you understand the sport and how the betting business operates. If you're starting, this guide can help you learn more about the sport, how to bet on horse racing and win, and a few tips to keep you ahead.

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Common Terms Used in Horse Racing

Just like in other sports, one's success in betting depends on the understanding of the sport and sporting lingo used. And this is critical in horse racing which is unlike many sports. Here are a few of the common terms that you'll encounter when you follow and bet on races.

  • Betting ring - They are the on-course bookmakers that you'll encounter if you want the races live.

  • Blinkers - This is a type of headgear that's fitted on a horse to limit its vision.
  • Boxed in - It happens when a horse cannot get a clear run due to other horses nearby.
  • Classic - These are Grade 1 contests that are reserved for 3-year old, only available in Great Britain.
  • Clerk-of-the-course - The person in charge of the racing facility for the duration of the race day.
  • Dead-heat - When the race judge cannot split two or more horses at the finish line. This means that it's impossible to find the true winner.
  • Fences - These are the obstacles that you will notice during the races.
  • Graded race - It's the highest quality race.
  • Objection - This refers to an official or a rider who cries foul in case a rider or a horse has done something to affect the race.
  • Odds - A numerical expression, often in fractional or decimal, that tells you the likelihood of an event happening.

What are the Types of Bets to Play in Horse Racing

A horse racing betting guide for beginners is not complete without covering the different types of bets to play. And in horse racing, you will find a different set of bets that are unlike other sports. Here, you will not find the standard bets like Moneyline, over/under, or even totals. Horse racing offers you more unique and exotic bets and you should always review the betting markets available if you learn how to earn money in horse racing betting.

In our beginner guide for betting on horse racing in India, we list the bets into two categories- the popular win, show, and place and exotic bets. Here's a quick look at the differences between these two categories of bets.

  • Win, place, and show - These bets are the easiest ones to play in the best Indian sportsbooks for horse racing. For the win, you just pick and a horse and if it wins the race, you win your bet. The place bet is a wager on a horse that it will end in first or second place. The show bet, on the other hand, extends it to a top-three finish.
  • Exotic bets - In our horse racing betting guide, you will also find exotic bets. Some of the popular exotic bets that you can play are exacta, trifecta, and superfecta. An exacta, you will pick two horses that you think will end up first and second. The order is critical here as it ensures you will win your bet. The trifecta focuses on three horses which you think will end up in the top three positions, in order. The superfecta, on the other hand, requires you to pick four horses that will place in the first four places.

In an online betting on horse racing guide, you will find different types of sports bets. The variety of betting options help all kinds of players with different skills level and experiences. If you're just starting your experience to bet on horse racing in India, then we recommend the win, place, or show. Or if you're an experienced punter with a higher risk appetite, we recommend that you learn how to win horse racing betting through the use of exotic bets.

How to Start Betting Online

With these basics in place, you can now enjoy top online horse racing betting. To start your betting experience, you should register first an account with one of the best Indian sportsbooks for horse racing. You will find several betting sites in India, but not all of these offer the same services. To ensure a successful betting experience, always sign up with a sportsbook that's fully licensed and registered to accept real money bets from Indian punters. On this site, we help you find the best sportsbooks reviews in India to start your successful sports betting journey. We review the best offshore licensed sites and, in addition, we offer online betting on horse racing tips and strategies. So, if you're learning how to bet on horse racing in India, then you have come to the right site.

Use our beginners guide for betting horse racing in India and check our reviews of the best Indian sportsbooks for horse racing!

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