Horse Racing Bet Types Online India

by Shreya Mangal
| 21/09/2020

Horse racing is a popular performance sport with a colourful and distinguished history. It's one of the oldest in the business where punters bet on which of the two or more horses is the fastest in the race. Just like in other races, they also vary in formats and rules in different countries. In India, horse racing has been around for more than 200 years. It's a highly respected and regulated sport with at least racing authorities that run and oversee the events and racing activities. This popularity extends to regulated horse race betting which happens on-site or through sportsbooks that offer online betting on horse racing in India

Thanks to its popularity, you can now find dozens of Indian sportsbooks that allow you to follow races and bet on outcomes. However, the industry of horse racing can be complicated for a first-time punter or an outsider looking in. More than an understanding horse breed and terminology in races, you'll also need to cover the types of bets for horse racing. If you're starting out or just polishing your betting knowledge, then the following guide on what bets to use on horse racing online in India can be of great help.

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Popular Bets to Play in Indian Horse Races - Win, Show or Place

Horse Racing Types Of BetsOne of the reasons why many people don't appreciate betting on horses is because they fail to understand the common types of bets. If you're just starting, recommend that you begin with the most common and popular horse racing bet types - Win, Show, and Place as described below.

  • Win - This is the Moneyline bet in horse racing where you need to pick the horse which you think will win the race. If you pick horse #3 and it wins, you win your bet!

  • Place - In learning how to bet on horse racing in India, you may also place your bet on the horse that will place first or second. In horse racing betting, we call this as the place bet. As long as the horse finishes first or second, you win the wager. Keep in mind that the payout is unequivocal, which means that the payout remains the same whether the horse ends up first or second.

  • Show - For beginning punters who can't seem to decide on a solid winner, then the show bet is recommended. In this type of bet, you choose a single horse that will finish within the top three. Whether the horse ends up first or third, you still win the wager. Again, the payout is unequivocal which means the payout remains the same.

When learning about what bets to use on horse racing online, you'll also find variants of the standard win, place, and show bets. For example, some online sportsbooks in India will allow you to play the 'win-place' bet. This is similar to the place bet with one important difference. In this type of bet, the actual payout for your winning bet will depend on the position of the horse after the race. You'll also find the 'win-place-show bet' which is also called the across the board bet. Here, you will pick the horse to win, place, or show. And if that horse, wins, places, or shows, then the bet is won. Again, the position of the horse will determine your exact payout.

Exotic Betting in Horse Races

For experienced punters, the best types of sports bets horse racing options are exotic wagers. Compared to the win, place and show, the exotic bets allow you to bet on more than one outcome in the race. In these types of bets for horse racing, there will be different parameters and conditions and you should be aware of these before wagering your real money. Described below are the most popular exotic bets to play when learning how to bet on horse racing in India.

  • Quinella - This is a bet on two horses in the same race to finish in first or second. For the quinella, you're not concerned which of the two horses will end the race first and second. What's important is that both horses you back are the top two finishers at the end of the race.
  • Exacta - This bet is designed like the quinella with one big difference- the two horses you picked should finish in the right order for you to win the bet. If they end the race in that order, then you win your bet.
  • Trifecta - Again, this is another bet that's similar to exacta. Instead of picking the first and second place finishers, this bet requires you to choose the three horses that will end up in the top three. The three horses should finish in the exact order that you have picked to win the wager.
  • Superfecta - If you want to take your horse racing bet types to the next level, then consider putting your money on the Superfecta. Here, you are picking on four horses that you will end up in the top four, in order.

These are the most popular horse racing bet types you can play when following your favourite races. Some of these bets are easy to understand like a win or place but most of these are covered by specific rules and conditions. Before you bet, always check out what bets to use on horse racing online and use them accordingly. Read our complete guide on how to bet on horse racing and to learn more about the best horse racing betting strategies and tips to use. As one of the leading destinations for online betting on horse racing in India, we get you covered.

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