Top Tips to Win at Football Betting

by Advik Bakshi
| 23/08/2020

Gambling is risky but, if done with caution and the proper know-how, it actually can be a great bonus of watching sport. Below, we share with you the top simple tips to win at online football betting. Enjoy and bet wisely.

Football Betting Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

The goal of football betting is making a profit and to make such, you need to know the right prices and the right moment to place a bet. Follow the tips below to maximise your winning chances when betting in football.

Know Your Sport Inside Out

online football betting tipsThe confidence in placing a bet isn't really about a team winning its previous games. Rather, it’s about how they managed to win the games. these are the questions you need to ask yourself and analyse their form, their strategies, any changes in the team, if they won out of luck or a good play, their ball possession, and so much more. Below are our well-researched tips to win at football betting.

Don't Just Stick To One Bookmaker

It's actually wise not to stick to one bookmaker. Instead, be adventurous, weigh in options, and move around. Don't be manipulated into thinking that one agency only is better than the other; do try various online sportsbooks for India. You can check some specific bets there, especially the most common first goalscorer market, which is one of the most common ones in football betting, having been embraced by most bookies.

Your Favourite Doesn't Always Win

It's most likely that the favourites don't always win, but the prices can't be easily ignored, as they can be as tempting.

The Fewer Selections, the Better

This is something that should be taken into great consideration by punters; the fewer bets you make, the more chances of winning you have. It’s wiser to actually not be idealistic. We suggest that you think small if you are doing it for money, especially more money. Three or four teams should be a limit on this one. You should know that single bets make bookies lose money more.

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Avoid the Temptation of Odds-On Prices

Desperately wanting that long-shot bet decreases your chances of winning some profit. Because of that, it is wise not to place bets with odds-on selections. We suggest, in this case, that you lookout for the upcoming in-form seeds and do the math.

Pick Your Moment

With sports bets, it's usually best to do it on the day that determines which team to place your bet on. That means there isn't a right or proper time to make a bet. Nothing is obvious or patterned on popular matches. Bookies usually make offers but these are usually on the full day of the popular matches or derbies or maybe a certain period, meaning the only way you can see these is by spending a day on the sportsbook site. The most trending event will have the bookies play around with your cash, as they will use it to promote their markets. Usually in a football fixture, if the favourite scores you could get some money back as a free bet.

Make Sure You Understand the Markets

As we go deeper on this, it's quite advisable to know and understand the market and the shop staff is always there to help in the event that you place a bet you didn't intend to. When starting with sports betting, our sports betting guide will help to get a general knowledge in the field. 

Half time/full-time bet vs to win both halves is the most commonly made mistake, meaning that if you put a Halftime/Fulltime bet, your team is supposed to win at halftime and then win still at fulltime. The team you bet on must win the first half and the second half so it has to score more goals than their opponents do.

Consider the Less Obvious Markets

It would seem like the bookmakers' search is somehow a way of getting caught up in their many ways of losing, but when you have done your research well enough, you should really know your sports well enough. For instance, it would make sense to place a bet over Leicester City winning against Manchester City. Manchester City is on top of Leicester City on the log table but it doesn't make them a stronger opponent.

Don't Bet With Your Heart

It's inevitable everyone will always believe that their winning bet should be on their favourite team. It's a big mistake to put a bet on any team according to your love or support, but instead, sports betting should come from an awareness of how the markets are offering. Take it into consideration how teams rally behind their soon-to-be relegated team to beat the table leaders. That makes the bookies get in more from such punters every week. Therefore, it's wise not to place a bet on your team. 

It Pays To Follow Less Popular Sports

Bookmakers are always embracing so many sports, bringing them to the punters and using that as a way for punters to give in their cash. The market is expanding, making bookies cover them yet they don’t know much about the sports. Lately, we have experienced a rise of the Mixed Martial Arts and the interest of punters, plus the knowledge of the fighters, performances and techniques. In the event of some sort of winning pattern, we would see bookies lose money and punters become instant millionaires. You must understand that you are not going to win every day so it's good to not go after your losses, only lose what you can afford and when the fun stops, it's wise to stop as well.

Keep a Record

Keeping a record is another betting tip we would want you to know. Records are important as well in betting if you want to maintain a winning streak. Therefore, you need to keep a record of the bets you have won over others.

Take the Small Wins

This is actually a tip that is based more on the reality side. A win is a win, as long as it's the money going into your pockets. No matter how small the wins, they should at least inspire you because, at the end of the day, the idea of getting a big win is not likely going to happen. If you are looking forward to being in the betting game for long-term being, It's good to go with smaller wins, which will also improve your betting.

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