Types Of Sport Betting Online

No matter what your favourite sport might be, you should have no problem coming across a rich array of sports betting markets online at one of the top bookies that we have personally assessed and vetted for you.

We know staying up-to-date with the best odds, markets and bet types can be difficult for a relatively new punter. We also understand your desire to place more successful and winning bets more often. Familiarising yourself with the most common types of sports betting online is a good starting point. We have made all the research for you and have compiled brief sports betting types guide to get you started.

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Common Types Of Sports Bets Online

In-Play or Live Betting

Allows punters to bet during sports events with the bookie immediately changing the odds as soon as the respective events will officially begin. The odds will vary according to the state of play of the game and it is made available for all bets.

Moneylines Bets or Win Wagers

The most popular types of sports bets you will find with all sportsbooks. They are used together with all types of sports where punters can freely choose which team or players they believe will win the respective event.

Point Spread Betting

Refers to some of the most popular types of sports bets you could possibly choose right now. They are also known as equaliser bets and they are created by bookmakers for sports events so that each of the teams that will compete in the event to enjoy an almost even chance to win. Shortly put, point spread bets will even the field for both teams. The favourite (negative sign) is the team that is considered to be the more powerful team and they are expected to win by the point spread that the sportsbook has provided. At the same time, the underdog team (positive sign) is considered the worst team of the field, with the bettor winning the bet in case the underdog wins the respective event or loses by a smaller amount compared to the equaliser.

Margin Betting

Refers to choosing the right margin, as well as the right team, with the bookmaker breaking up the number of potential event outcomes. In order to do this, they will add a margin in the form of a short or broad range of points. These bets are usually displayed by the most successful bookmakers on the planet and they are tied to the most popular sports in the world. Punters in India can use margin betting on all cricket events.

A Handicap Bet

sports online betting typesAlso known as a line bet and it will influence the way odds are shown. The sportsbook will handicap one of the team by selecting a margin so that game can be evened. A game of football, for example, which would normally have different odds for each of the teams, would turn into a contest with even money. Margins are also called lines, with the line rating being used for those sports events that feature two potential outcomes. It is possible for a line bet to be taken on either a line betting markets or on a market that will allow the punter to select their own lines.

Multi Bets

A combination of various different bets reunited in just one bet. The odds on these bets will multiply with each new bet being added to the bet slip. A leg is a term that defines any bet comprised of several parts. When a leg in a multi bet is successful, the initial wager together with the dividend will be bet on the future leg. Some bookies will limit the restrictions related to the number of legs that punters can select for a multi bet.

Futures Bets

These bets are placed on wagers placed on sports events that will happen in a projected time in the upcoming future. A bettor can place a bet on the team they think will be the winner of the event. Almost all trustworthy bookies offer future odds, but a few of them will only accept a limited number of wagers.

Over/Under Bets

Bettors wager on the fact that the total points that will be scored during an event will fall either under or over a preset number that the bookmaker has decided upon.

Parlay Bets

Allow bettors to connect a number of single bets to generate just one parlay bet. These bets are more difficult to win since bettors have to guess every selection of such a bet right. Provided just one selection is guessed incorrectly, the bet will be automatically lost. Nonetheless, However, these bets feature high dividends and returns, so they are worth trying.

Tote Betting

Refers to betting that reunites similar types of sports bets in just one pool, with the winning dividend being generated by dividing the total pool size by the number of winning bets. The most popular types of tote bets are place, each-way, exacta, win and trifecta.

To come across any of the previously discussed sports betting types, all you have to do is get access to a reliable sports betting platform belonging to the top online bookies we have vetted and rated for you. Make sure you select an Indian-friendly bookie that offers Indian Rupee bets and bonuses and customer support in Hind and English for more convenience. Take a look at all the sports made available there and click on any of them to see a pop-up list of sports betting markets show up on your screen. The Indian Premier League of cricket, horse races, tennis and football are just a few of the most popular sports and events that punters in India prefer to wager on. This also automatically means they are the most generous sports in terms of sports markets to be looking into.

Next time you are interested in making nice sports betting profits online with a few wagers, remember to use your preferred sports betting types to boost your chances of winning. Choose any of our top recommendations and streamline your web betting experience now!

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