Free Online Roulette For Fun

by Advik Bakshi
| 19/08/2020

If you like taking chances, Roulette is the perfect game for you. Playing the game at online casinos is more fun if you do it for free because you don’t have to pay for trying out the different tables. Whether you are a regular player or a newbie, playing free roulette gives you time to practice and perfect your skills.

Unlike the real-world version, the online option allows you to play the games from anywhere you want. As you are not using real money to play the game it would take off the edge of losing. The gameplay remains the same with the computer spinning the ball which stops at the winning number.

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Betting Table – Play Roulette Online Free For Fun

As the name suggests, the betting table is where you place all your bets, hence it is where all the fun happens. The interesting thing about online roulette is that there are different types of bets you can place. The most common betting option is the flat number bet but there are also complex types of bets that can be placed as and when required.

The primary type of bets that are used at the betting tables includes the inside bets and the outside bets. Inside bets are those where bets can be placed on either individual numbers or double numbers or other variants. It is important to remember that one chip can't be placed or used to bet on multiple numbers.

Outside bets are not very popular bets among the players, especially for professionals. More often than not, these bets are termed as safe bets but the winnings are often low. The types of bets which are considered the outside ones on the table are odd and even, red and black, dozens, 19-36, and 1-18 number bets. The catch here is that if the winning numbers land on green zero, then the player will stand to lose everything.

One important question that is often asked by new players is what is the best roulette table? The answer is there is no "best" option, it very much depends on whether you are playing for free or paying money for it. If you are playing for the thrill and excitement of the game, then all the bets are the same. But learning the physics of the game will give you an advantage.

Joining A Table

free play roulette onlineThe whole point of playing free roulette is getting on a table, placing bets, and waiting for the ball to stop spinning. This is true for both offline and online games. This is why you need to first join a table where you can place the bet. Free play online casinos offer you to use chips with different denominations when you are playing for free or sometimes in exchange for the fake money.

Here you will find the chips and roulette bonuses in all the common colours you usually get in real casinos which is even more fun if you are playing for free. The coloured chips have particular amounts assigned to them which the players will use when they start playing. As you will be playing the games online, to make sure that your chips are not somehow mixed with the others, they usually give distinctive colours for you to track them.

One of the reasons casinos are more than willing to give the coloured chips to its players is to track them better. This is the reason why professional players try to avoid these chips as they are not very excited to let the casinos know about their winnings. But if you are in here playing for free, then it does not concern you much because you will not be able to cash your winnings.

Something that is not well known to newbies is that the wheel on the table is the most important part of playing roulette for fun. This is the reason why choosing the right wheel is important for any player because no player can beat all the wheels.

Different Types Of Online Roulettes

The most common type of variations available online is French roulette, American roulette, and European roulette. The added advantage to players playing for fun is that they can try out these variations without paying a dime. Let us look at how these variations work.

American Roulette

Irrespective of being online or offline variations, American roulette is the most popular among the players. But if you are playing this variant, then you will need to be careful about the 00 slots. This slot cannot be considered to be a positive feature of the game because it usually gives the casino the advantage. Therefore, it negates the advantage of the player who is playing on the tables.

French Roulette

When it comes to the French one, there are two features of the game which make it stand out from the European version. The two features in question are En Prison and La Partage. For La Partage, the player will stand to lose 50% of the bet when the ball lands on zero on all outside bets. On the other hand, in En Prison, 50% of your bet is on hold if it falls to zero and you get to try your luck on the next spin.

European Roulette

The reason why players find the European variations better than the American ones is that it does not have the 00 slots. This allows the player with better chances to win the game and give them an edge over the casinos.

Play Free Online Roulette For Fun Now!

As you can see, free Roulette for fun is extremely easy to get started with and even fun to play. Wait no more, and start playing now.

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