Different Gambling Habits: Male vs. Female

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by Shreya Mangal
| 29/03/2021
Different Gambling Habits: Male vs. Female

For a long time, gambles and stake plays have been painted with a manly hand.  However, there is a common trend that women are now trickling into the world of casino venture that has been dominated for a long by men. Come to think of it, casino games and bets can be a joy to everyone; anyone can access them, both men and women.

Women have put forward a separate outlook to the gambling world and men should be on the lookout. There are distinctive suggestions and relief in the gambling realm.


Journey Of Gambling For Women In India

In terms of gambling, initially, women start practising it later than men. It's the way women do it, but casinos in India and all over the world attest that women end up creating more challenges than their male counterparts.

Indian women gamblers, and all those women from around the world, apply what we would like to call "sanctioned gambling." That means women practise few games as compared to their male counterparts. It’s how women operate.

When it comes to funding real money casino plays, women tend to have more challenges in finding money to bet. It is a challenge that is not known by men. Most men have a guaranteed source of finance.

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Who Likes What In Gambling: Women VS Men

Surveys and studies have been put in motion to assess the types of casino games and plays that are preferred by men and women.

Hundreds, if not thousands of gamblers (both male and female), were asked what they prefer to play. It has been brought up that 73% of male gambler enjoy more playing real money betting for sports. On the second part, poker seems to take men's attention holding a fair 29.18%.

When it comes to women gamblers, playing and staking for bingo is what they enjoy best. Be it in India and all over the world. Surprisingly, the majority of women have shown a tasteful interest in sports online plays, holding a fair 40%. Not only that, but women are also causing an influx in online slots, holding a good 34%.

Even in top Indian online casinos, men have an edge over women. A study has shown women playing second fiddle.

Let us take a good look at Roulette, all in all, it is staked by a meagre amount of people. This is backed up by a 27% men potion and a 19% potion for women. These are low figures.

When it comes now to online blackjack, it's still a low outreach possessing 23% for men and a grossly low percentage of 18% for women.

However, when it comes to online slots and plays, 18% goes for men while 23% goes for women. At once women come in dominance.

Gambling Differences Between Men And Women

Below is how women are different from men when it comes to gambling:

Gambling Habits: Male X Female1. They Prefer Distinctive Games

Though sports bets, which offers real money play are most common among male players, women are also going large at playing these profitable games. This makes it more and more visible for the gambling fraternity to note out possible variations between men and women.

Commonly, women adore low-risk online casinos for real money as compared to the male counterpart who cherishes risky and grossly lucrative casino plays. Moreover, women are more inclined to game plays that are based on absolute fortune and a strike of luck.

Contrary to the above, men go a step further in accessing games that require planning and staking awareness. For example, online slots that tactically and mathematically increase their audible chances of clinching wins. In other words, men try to sweat for their sweet.

One variation is that women tend to associate their stakes and plays with a live dealer, a direct play with a dealer, but when it comes to men, they prefer to go head to head with other fellow participants, a clear sign of domination.

In terms of miniature fixed bets, females love those and when it comes to what men really want, well, you can put forward your wager that ate not preset.

The approach by women to the hub of gaming is light because at most they like to play online slot machines, a lot of bingo and online bingo, raffles and your lotteries.

We are masculine, we are bigger and better! So says the man as they go in full swing to play sports betting, lucrative horse racing betting and casino table games.

Take note, these are just common practises and common likings by men and women.

2. Consume Small Time

This is largely applied to women who allocate few time intervals and end up making low risk. Why do we say so, women can actually put up a low stake on the bet play staked high by men. This is typical women play.

What they do is selecting a preset wager. And someone might ask why so, and the possible answer is that players are commonly going to increase their bet when are enclosed in this ball of exhilaration and enjoyment.

Statistics have it that women possess miniature bankrolls that are consenting to put on the line. All this talk about women upholding small bets and miniature plays is because they are immensely pessimistic when they go down in the betting lane.

The strategic stunt by men makes them more hopeful and more cunning towards their plays.

3. Act Differently Upon Winning

Women appear to be more demonstrative in terms of feelings, that is when they win or lose (cry, sadness and weary) some best online slots and real money. However, men show much vigour (lifting things, pounding objects and holding the next person to them) especially when they clinch big lucrative wins like online blackjack.

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