Top 5 Casino-Themed Bollywood Movies To Watch

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by Advik Bakshi
| 14/12/2020
Casinos In Bollywood Movies

The Indian people's fascination for real money casinos in India has longed transpassed the limitations of visiting brick-and-mortar casinos or sports betting venues in Goa, Sikkim, and other popular parts of India where gambling is accepted and embraced periodically. While gamblers also have plenty of solid online casinos to choose from and lots of books or web tutorials they can watch if they wish to learn more about the art of gambling, gambling-themed films are a top attraction for most players here.

India is home to Bollywood, the world-famous Hindi-language cinema industry located in Mumbai with close ties to the Cinema of South India and a series of other successful film industries in India. Accordingly, Bollywood has become the largest movie industry on the planet and it would have been nearly impossible for it not to be home to a number of casino-themed movies throughout the years.

In fact, gambling is an extremely popular theme that is oftentimes met in many Bollywood film titles, similarly to its American counterparts, casino-themed movies in Hollywood. However, compared to the Hollywood versions, gambling-themed films at Bollywood do not solely display professional players sitting at their tables trying to beat the house and observing their opponents. Bollywood gambling titles often times introduce viewers to advanced gambling strategies and they are very entertaining and action-packed. If you are curious to know what are a few of the most popular casino-based movies in Bollywood, keep reading.

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#1: Teen Patti

The film is an amazing mix of gambling skills and entertainment at its finest and it has been released in 2010. It is a classic and it is starred by Amitabh Bachchan. In spite of the negative critics it has received when it was launched, Teen Patti continues to be considered one of the most famous and highly acclaimed gambling-themed movies in the history of Bollywood. The main character of the movie is named Venkat. He learns how to gamble and his goal is to get his hands on the huge jackpot of a casino. In his attempt to do so, he starts to work together with a prestigious mathematician named Percy. The two begin to practice their skills in many casinos in London and they begin to attract the attention of large crowds. In time, they become famous and rich and Venkat's casino probability theory is finally proven to be correct. Once more people find out about his winning theory, he starts to earn even more money. If you are eager to try out his theory yourself, there are plenty of free play casinos in India that will allow you to practice your skills for free. You can also dive into the online teen patti to try the game after which the movie is named. 

Gambling In Bollywood Movies#2: The Great Gambler

The movie is another Bollywood classic when it comes to gambling-themed titles and it was released in 1970. The lead actor is, once again, popular Amitabh Bachhan, who now plays Jai, a gambling genius that is set up against the most skilled clients of a casino. The film portrays the real-life problems of Jai as he struggles to do his job for the casino.

#3: Jannat

This is a romantic drama that is sprinkled with plenty of gambling elements. The story revolves around Arjun, who is a young man with a huge gambling talent who puts his skills to work and tries to win some money. He also embraces cricket betting and soon starts earning a small fortune. We observe Arjun gambling nonstop, day and night, and his desire to become rich and constantly improve his skills makes him ignore Zoya, his romantic interest. Gradually, his personal life starts to crumble in front of his eyes as he becomes more and more involved in gambling. He ultimately decides to join the mafia, and the action becomes even more complicated from thereon. Definitely, a movie that layers who love to visit Indian real money casinos will enjoy watching.

The movie was released in 2008 and the main character is played by Emraan Hashmi.

#4: The Gambler

The Gambler is another Bollywood hit that was released in 1971 and it revolves around Pandey, a very lazy Policeman with close ties to his mother who finally decides to get out of his comfort zone and turn into a Don. He ultimately gets involved in a gambling racket and he turns pro. However the prices he paid to get there might be a little too big. A Bollywood must-see for anyone passionate about gambling in India.

#5: Striker

Striker was released in 2010 and it is a popular Hindi drama directed by Chandan Arora. The movie stars Siddharth, Padmapriya, and Usha Jadhav, and it was originally released in cinemas, while also having its premiere on YouTube on the same day. This turned it into the first Bollywood film ever to be premiered on YouTube at a global level on the same day of its official release in theatres.

The movie tells the story of Suryakant Sarang who was born poor and who is forced to skip school because of his precarious health. When forced to stay at home, his brother Chandrakant teaches him how to play carrom. He becomes so good at it that he eventually wins the Junior Carrom Championship at age 12. As he grows older, his passion for the sport is replaced by his desire to land a job in Dubai. He is conned by an employment agency and ends up losing his earnings. This is about the time when he eventually meets Jaleel. Jaleel is one of the leaders in the ghetto and he is involved in lots of illegal activities, calling himself the king of Malwani. Surya starts playing carrom again and the fact that he was cheated of his hard-earned money for his job in Dubai by a man who had also brought a lot of misery for lots of families convinces him to take on Jaleel on his own territory.

We hope that watching those movies will bring a good gambling atmosphere to you. Afterward, you can dive into the gambling world yourself by choosing the best real money casino from the list of our Indian online casino reviews

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