Beginner’s Guide Online Blackjack

by Advik Bakshi
| 19/08/2020

Blackjack is a timeless and popular game that is the favourite of many casino players. Also called the Twenty One, blackjack is found at both online and land-based casinos. If you have just started playing blackjack at online casinos, you must understand its fundamentals so that you can enjoy the game and earn cash as well.

How to Play Blackjack

online blackjack guideBlackjack is usually played by mixing more than one deck of 52 cards after removing the jokers into a single set called a shoe. When you are playing at online casinos, blackjack can be played with an unlimited number of decks.

The purpose of blackjack is to defeat the dealer by creating a hand having a total value of cards not more than 21. The card’s value should not exceed 21 as this causes the players to go bust. When the total card’s value of the player is higher than the dealer’s cards but not more than 21, the player wins.

If the total value of the dealer’s cards comes out to be more than 21 but that of the player’s cards remain less than 21, the player wins and the dealer goes bust. On the contrary, if the dealer’s hand is higher than that of the players, they lose the bets.

In a situation where both the dealer and the player have cards with 21 scores, or the same total less than 21, the hand is called a ‘push’ and nobody wins.

The Value of Cards

In blackjack, the value of the cards is the same as their face value. For instance, the individual value of Two is 2 and that of Six is 6, and so on. The cards such as Jack, Queen, and King are represented by the value 10. Ace is represented by both 1 and 11, and the players can choose any value that benefits their gameplay.

The hand is termed as ‘soft’ when the value of the Ace is counted as 11 and ‘hard’ when the Ace is counted as 1. For instance, if you have two cards, Ace and Seven and you have counted Ace as 11, it is called a ‘soft 18.’ If you have cards such as Ace, Ten, Six, and you counted Ace as 1, it is called a ‘hard 17.’

Inspect Your Cards

Blackjack is played between the dealer and the players. Even before the cards are distributed, the players will need to place a single bet to start playing blackjack.  Each player is dealt with two cards, both of which are facing up. The dealer also receives two cards; however, one of his cards is face-up while the other is face-down.

After the players and the dealer are dealt with the cards, the first thing they do is check their cards to find out if they have a blackjack. If any player receives a perfect 21 score with an Ace and a 10-value card, they will be announced the winner of the bet at 3-2 odds.

Since one of the cards of the dealer is face-up, he will secretly check his face-down card to know if he has got a blackjack or not. In case, the face-down card is the Ace, the dealer will ask the players if they wish to buy insurance, which is a type of bet that offers 2-1 to the player if the dealer has a blackjack.  

If the player has a blackjack, the dealer will offer him an insurance bet before examining his cards for a blackjack.   

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The Basic Actions of Blackjack

When playing blackjack at real money casinos, players have several options to choose from.

  • Hit: When you choose to ‘hit’ to increase your chances of getting 21, the dealer offers you another card. It is important to be careful here since if the total card value becomes more than 21, you bust and lose your bet.
  • Stand: When you choose to ‘stand,’ this signifies that you are contented with your cards and don’t want to draw more cards.
  • Double Down: The players have the choice to use the ‘double down’ option after they are dealt with their first two cards. This lets the player make their bet double in exchange for receiving another card from the dealer. After this option, the players automatically ‘stand.’
  • Split: If you have received your first two cards of a similar rank, you can choose to ‘split’ them into two different hands. In order to do a ‘split,’ you will need to make another bet of the same type as you have done for your initial hand before the ‘split.’ You will be offered a second card for each hand and you will need to play them individually.
  • Surrender: Several versions of blackjack offer a ‘surrender’ option to help players lessen their losses. If you feel that you are going to lose your hand, you may choose to ‘surrender’ and sacrifice half of your bet. This will close your gameplay for that hand.
  • Insurance: If you found out that one of the dealer’s cards is Ace, you can choose to opt for ‘insurance.’   

Playing blackjack is not at all complicated. It is a fun game that can bring you a lot of money if you take the right steps. Follow the guide and you will sharpen your blackjack skills in no time.

If you're uncertain about your skills, start playing blackjack for free at online casinos first. Only make sure you select the stable and reputed online casinos that give their players great features.

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